My Smart Hands with Norma

Baby sign language


DSC_0611My name is Norma Hernandez  and it was during my undergraduate year that I was exposed to sign language through a classmate. Since then, I have taken and passed up to ASL 4 as well as the fingerspelling classes and my long-term goal is receive my ASL certification to become an interpreter in the near future.

I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology with an emphasis in Social Justice in 2009 and received a Master’s of Social Work from California State Univeristy, Northridge in 2011. Currently, I work full-time as an Associate Clinical Social Worker for Veterans in West Los Angeles and plan on teaching Baby Sign Language classes to share the joy of communicating with babies/toddlers.

Lastly, I have a newborn and a three year old who has learned to communicate whether it’s in English, Spanish or ASL. ASL is a part of our daily lives and plan on continuing this routine and sharing the beauty of communication through ASL with many other families. My biggest joy is being parent and sharing it’s benefits with families. Please contact me for any inquiries or questions.